Preparation is Key

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__Household cleansers, furniture polishes, disinfectants, insecticides, antifreeze, fertilizers, perfumes and make-up can be dangerous to dogs. Make sure cupboards and storage areas (garage) containing these items are secured. A bored or determined dog can go "where they've never gone before."

__Are the toilet lids down in any accessible bathrooms?

__See that medications are locked up. The sound of pills rattling in a plastic bottle may entice the pet to chew the bottle open.

__Remove candy and nuts from coffee tables or locations where a pet can reach them. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and nuts can be dangerous as well.

__Check to see that any hobby supplies; i.e., paints, glue, needles and thread, etc., have been placed away from an inquisitive pet's reach.

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The article and checklists are courtesy of Pet Sitters International and are reprinted here with permission.