Preparation is Key

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__Make sure your pet sitter is aware of anyone who may be on your premises or entering your home during the pet-sitting assignment.

__Use timers on interior lights to go on at dusk and off at bedtime as well as motion sensors on exterior lights. If evening visits are scheduled to your home, the pet sitter will really appreciate this safety precaution!

__Make sure doors and windows are securely locked before leaving. This should include garage doors, sliding glass doors and basement doors and windows. If outside doors have panes of glass near a push-button lock, consider installing a dead bolt lock as well.

__Advise gate security that a pet sitter will be visiting your home and authorize entry.

__Inform your neighbors of your absence and use of a pet sitter.

__Mow the lawn before you leave and arrange for exterior maintenance as necessary during your absences from home.

__Make sure any fences are secure and gates are locked.

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The article and checklists are courtesy of Pet Sitters International and are reprinted here with permission.